Saturday, January 07, 2006

Scrappy's balls

I have two male cats, Kacey and Scrappy. Kacey was neutered when I got him as a kitten from the shelter. I found Scrappy as a stray, therefore, he was not neutered yet. After he turned four months old, the vet said he could be fixed. So I brought him in early one Thursday morning and picked him up that afternoon.

I took him home and coaxed him out of his carrier. He walks out all groggy when, hmmm, that's odd...he still has his balls. My mind starts wandering. And immediately I decide that they are going to shrivel up and fall off. Great, I'm having my girlfriends over to my house on Saturday and there are going to be two shrivelled up cat balls on my floor. Lovely.

The vet calls the next day and asks, "How's Scrappy doing?"
"Fine," I answer. I can't bring myself to ask them, "Why does my cat still have his BALLS?"

So at lunch that day, my curiosity got the best of me. I am at a restaurant with several friends, one of whom has three cats herself, so I'm certain she must know the answer.

"So what exactly do they do to a cat when they neuter them?"
The table erupts in laughter and I have to laugh at myself.
"Well, I took Scrappy to get neutered yesterday, as you know, and he's still [pause] in tact."

Come to find out, they are now doing vasectomy-type procedures on cats. Not cutting off the testicles, just cutting the tube that leads to them. If that makes any sense.

My sister asked a friend of hers (Beckie) who also confirmed this. She said the testicles will shrink some (which they have). I then asked my sister, "Will they fall off?"

She begins laughing hysterically. "No! Why would you think that? Oh man, I'm going to tell Beckie you said that!"

My sister, mom, and I were all on the phone together tonite and Amy told my mom all about my cat's balls and how I thought they were going to fall off during my party that weekend. Then my mom told my dad, who was in the room with her. He didn't have anything to say, but my mom said, "You should see his face!" I can just picture it!


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